Control Incident Perimeter

  • Establishing the incident perimeter is critical for a successful and safe response and recovery
  • Perimeter location depends on many factors including
    • Physical issues
      • The nature and severity of the radiation incident, e.g. RDD, IND, RED, nuclear reactor incident
      • The nature of co-existing threats like chemical and biological threats explosions, fires etc.
      • Likelihood of subsequent dangers or incidents in the area
      • Protecting critical infrastructure locations in the area
      • Managing risks from physical damage that has already occurred
    • Medical Issues
      • Responder safety
      • Public safety
    • Security issues
      • Using existing roads/structures/topography to help enforce security perimeters
      • Protecting/ gathering forensic information
      • Establishing/maintaining incident control locations
      • Protecting government and private institutions
  • Boundaries reflecting levels of radiation from the incident may change over time as radiation decays
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