Collection of Patient Data
in Radiation Emergencies


  • Incident managers, medical care venues, and individual medial providers may wish to collect data about individuals they care for and staff they supervise during a mass casualty radiation incident
  • The data collected will vary by
    • Type of radiation incident
    • Number of casualties
    • Who is doing the data collection
    • Purpose of collecting the data
    • Amount of time available for collecting data
    • Location and nature of population where data is collected, for example
      • In the field, as with
      • In a community reception center
      • Field medical stations
      • Other venues, including hospitals
  • Suggestions for selected data elements are listed below.
  • These do not represent official HHS policy or policy of any HHS agencies.
  • Some data elements are relevant to radiation incidents and others are relevant to any large incident where there is significant population displacement.
  • HIPAA Issues (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996)
  • Be cognizant of those who are at-risk and have special needs.
  • See also Public Health Emergency Researchers

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Sample Data Elements Potentially of Interest: Selected List

Data Elements

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TMT Handbook Forms, Questionnaires, and Information

  • Triage, Monitoring and Treatment of people exposed to ionising radiation following a malevolent act (PDF - 11 MB) (TMT Handbook Partners, March 2009)
    See Annex 3, pages 392-425 for prototypes of several forms developed by this consortium of non-US countries.
    These forms may/may not be applicable in the US.
    • Contamination monitoring
      • Information sheet for Environmental Monitoring Team
      • Results of field measurement made by the Environmental
      • Monitoring Team
      • Registry form for person involved in the emergency
      • External contamination survey report
      • Internal contamination report form
      • Radionuclide/Organ specific measurements
      • In vitro bioassay measurement report
      • Individual dose assessment report form
      • Emergency personnel dose follow up form
      • Example report letter to members of the public for measurements less than the method detection limit
      • Example report letter for assessed doses less than 1 mSv
      • Example report letter for assessed doses greater than 1 mSv and less than the lower action level (maximum 20 mSv)
    • Medical information
      • Medical information form
      • Information for family doctors in the event of an incident involving radiation
      • Information for people who have been found to be contaminated with radioactive material
      • Information to people who might have been exposed to radiation/radioactive material
    • Press/Media forms
      • Examples of press releases

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External Radiation Contamination Tracking Forms