Conventional Lymphocyte Metaphase-Dicentric Assay - Illustration
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Conventional Lymphocyte Metaphase-Dicentric Assay
  • Left panel: A schematic illustrating radiation-induced DNA damage (see left side of image) in an interphase cell and the resulting formation of radiation-induced dicentric (DIC) and accompanying acentric fragment (Ac) chromosome aberration in lymphocytes arrested in metaphase mitosis.

  • Right panel: Dose response relationship for dicentrics in human lymphocytes exposed to incremental radiation doses from three radiation qualities.

Figure from Prasanna PGS, Loats H, Gerstenberg HM, et al. AFRRI's gamma-ray, x-ray and fission-neutron calibration curves for the dicentric assay: Application of a metaphase finder system. (PDF - 309 KB) Fort Belvoir, VA, USA; AFRRI, Defense Technical Information Center, Fort Belvoir, VA, 2002