Conversion of Alternative Absolute Lymphocyte Count Units

  • This Lymphocyte Depletion Kinetics tool assumes entered values are measured using the International System (SI) of Units: i.e., absolute lymphocyte count value measured in units of 109 cells/liter
  • Users of the Lymphocyte Depletion Kinetics Tool must ensure that lab results are converted and entered into the tool using the proper (SI) units - entering data measured in other than SI units will yield invalid results.
  • Peripheral blood lymphocyte count results may be reported by some laboratories using other units.
  • The table below shows the equivalence between values/measurements provided by different commercially available hematology analyzers.
Absolute Lymphocyte Count Unit Conversion Table

Example of absolute lymphocyte count value

Units used

Conversion among rows*

SI units:
(required by this tool)
2.5 109 cells/liter1
Conventional2.5 103 cells/microliter or
103 cells/μL
USA (common)2.5 K/mm3 or K/μL1
* Example: 2.5 x 109/L = 2.5 x K/mm3 (or K/μL) = 2.5 x 103/μL

Source: Biodosimetry Assessment Tool (BAT), Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute

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