Flow Diagram of Patient Handling for Radiation Emergency Triage (Text Version)

  1. Incoming individuals
  2. Triage physician
  3. If patient is injured: First aid
  4. Otherwise: Go to monitoring station
    • If patient is not contaminated: Go to emergency room or release patient
    • If patient is contaminated:
      • Decontamination shower
      • Monitoring station
      • If patient is still contaminated:
        • Additional decontamination or radiation emergency physician
        • Go back to monitoring station
      • Otherwise: Emergency room or release patient

Adapted from Miller K, Groff L, Erdman M, King S. Lessons learned in preparing to receive large numbers of contaminated individuals. Health Phys. 2005 Aug;89(2 Suppl):S42-7. [PubMed Citation]