At-Risk / Special Needs Populations
- Infants and Children

General Principles of Radiation Safety are the Same in Children and Adults

  • Time Distance Shielding (See illustration)
    • Minimize time child is exposed to radiation source
    • Maximize child's distance from the radiation source
    • Maximize the shielding between the source of radiation and the child
  • "ALARA" is another basic radiation protection principle: "As Low (a dose) as Reasonably Achievable"

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Potential Reasons for Stricter Radiation Protection for Infants and Children

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Radiation Protection Guidance and Radiation Effects on Children




Public Health England (PHE)

Other Sources

American Academy of Pediatrics

Meeting Proceedings

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Management of Febrile Neutropenia in Children

See Management of febrile neutropenia

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Decontamination in Children

  • Decontamination of Children - Preparedness and Response for Hospital Emergency Departments (HHS/AHRQ/Boston Children’s Hospital, October 2008)
    (Watch video watch video)
  • This video provides a step-by-step decontamination demonstration in real time, and trains clinicians about the nuances of treating infants and children, who require special attention during decontamination.
    • For example, children may be frightened not only by the emergency situation itself, but also by the decontamination process as well.
    • Decontamination of children also takes longer than decontamination of adults.
  • While this video focuses on chemical decontamination, radiation decontamination is similar in many ways.
  • Some of the differences between chemical and radiation decontamination include:

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Mass Casualty Triage in Children (Not Specific for Radiation Incidents)

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Crisis Standards of Care and Children (Not Specific for Radiation Incidents)

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General Issues About Children and Disasters
(Not Necessarily Limited To Radiation)

American Academy of Pediatrics

Institute of Medicine



Commissions and Reports

National Advisory Committee on Children and Disaster (NACCD)

Other US government agencies


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Guidance About Mental Health Issues in Children
(Not Necessarily Limited to Radiation)

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