SALT Mass Casualty Triage Algorithm
(Sort, Assess, Lifesaving Interventions, Treatment/Transport)
— Adapted for a Very Large Radiation Emergency

SALT mass casualty triage algorithm

Adapted from:
Lerner EB, Cone DC, Weinstein ES, Schwartz RB, Coule PL, Cronin M, Wedmore IS, Bulger EM, Mulligan DA, Swienton RE, Sasser SM, Shah UA, Weireter LJ Jr, Sanddal TL, Lairet J, Markenson D, Romig L, Lord G, Salomone J, O'Connor R, Hunt RC. Mass casualty triage: an evaluation of the science and refinement of a national guideline. Disaster Med Public Health Prep. 2011 Jun;5(2):129-37. [PubMed Citation]

Additional References:

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    • This article has an excellent literature review and comparison of many triage systems used around the world, including SALT and START. Although not about radiation incident specifically, its contents could be relevant to mass casualty radiation incidents and training for them.
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