Video: Demonstration of the Rapidly Shrinking Dangerous Fallout Zone after an IND Detonation (0:29)

About this video:
  • Source: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • This video animation shows a hypothetical 10kT detonation near an American city, with the relevant response zones surrounding the epicenter.
  • Notice the time (hours:minutes) after detonation in the upper right hand corner of the video.
  • Physical Damage zones
    • Red: Severe Damage Zone
    • Orange: Moderate Damage Zone
    • Yellow: Light Damage Zone
  • Radiation Fallout Zones: footprint of fallout shrinks over time with radioactive decay
    • Dark purple: Dangerous Fallout Zone (bounded by >10 R/hour line)
    • Light purple: Fallout zone (bounded by 0.01 R/h line)