Video: Decontamination & Dressdown at a Transportation Accident involving Radioactive Material (15:59)

About this video:

This video was produced by the Department of Energy/Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program (TEPP) for their Modular Emergency Response Radiological Transportation Training (MERRTT) education project. REMM is grateful to TEPP for the opportunity to show this video, which is used as part of their comprehensive professional training program for responders.

  • Source: DOE Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program (TEPP)
  • This 15:59 minute video has a companion text User Guide (PDF - 530 KB)
  • Topics: management and planning for handling radioactive decontamination: 8 elements, personal protective equipment, activities and procedures for radioactive decontamination of responders who have completed the response and are exiting the scene, set up of decontamination corridor and doffing positions, tool drop area, step-off pads, collection areas and receptacles, minimizing cross contamination, dressdown procedures, survey monitoring of worker after dressdown, monitoring background radiation levels in the decontamination area, final briefing, recovery planning, decontamination of the scene
  • Video refers to Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) version 2000 for first responders
  • These excellent videos (and guides) are generally targeted at those responding to transportation incidents with very few victims.
  • Implementation of all the guidance recommendations may not be completely feasible for some of the very large, mass casualty incidents covered by REMM, such as an IND.
  • These videos are included in a much more extensive DOE/TEPP/MERRT professional training program for transportation accident responders.